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Private Event Booking
Frequently Asked Questions for Private Bookings

How do I book a Private Event?

Just send us a message on our contact page or directly via email at please provide the proposed date and timing of your event, as well as the City in which it will be held. we will get back to you right away with an initial quote.

Do you have different show packages available?

Yes. Please see our Packages Page for options. Note that different packages are priced differently. Our default quote is for our "Cover Band" package. Changes to "Show" packages may result in an increase in price.

Can I make song requests?

If you have booked our basic "Cover Band" package, then you can provide us with a list of up to 10 song requests and 10 Do Not Play songs. Because our show utilizes multiple singers, props and costume changes, we need to maintain control over the setlist order, however, we can accommodate the 10 and 10 requests for these shows. If you have booked our "All-Request" package you can make unlimited song requests and up to 10 Do Not Play songs. Note however, that if you have booked any of our "Show" packages, we are unable to take song requests.

Are gratuities included in your price?

No. Your quote does not include any tips or gratuities. Gratuities are always welcome and any gratuity provided goes directly to the performers. Online tipping is available on our tipping page here.

How much power does the band need?

We can operate fine on a single 20 Amp circuit as long as there is nothing else on the same circuit. For non-commercial venues like house parties, 2, 15 amp circuits is preferred. The band should not be sharing power with any other equipment, especially heaters, coffeemakers, microwaves or anything with a motor or fan.

Do I need to provide a stage? What Size?

The band requires a performance space at least 12 feet deep and 18 feet wide but he larger the better. Although a raised stage enhances the show, it is not required and the band can perform directly on a solid floor. If performing on the floor, the surface must be solid and level. We are unable to perform on grass, mulch or other similar surfaces.

What is included in your sound and lighting packages?

Our basic sound package includes front of house sound for venues of up to 250 people. It includes all sound support and monitoring for the band as well. We use QSC and EV brand speakers and amplifiers for all our shows. Our basic lighting package includes 10 par cans for stage wash, lasers, moving heads, dance floor effects and fog/haze. For larger shows (over 250 people), additional sound and lighting may be required and can be provided by the purchaser or by the band at an additional cost.

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